8 tenths of a 1% vote – cigarette tax California

Is this Vote in California really final?

by Roger Chartier
It’s June 18th and…
Can you believe that 8 tenths of a single percent of California voters supported a no tax on cigarettes vote? Just recently 49.2% of voters supported Proposition 29, and 50.8% voted against it.

Well a lot of folks are not too happy about that because it was such a close vote.
Those who voted to support the tax were not dancing in the streets but were sort of sad over the vote because the bulk of the money raised was going to go out to support cancer research.

Oh Well…

Will there will be another chance… someday… maybe?
Back just before April there was a 68% group of California residents who were for the tax.

Things changed when Philip Morris added $29.7 million dollars to the budget in California to defeat the bill. Other tobacco companies added around $26, million bucks as well. They ran TV ads etc. in their anti-cancer research, anti-tax campaign.

Their total was nearly 47 million dollars. All of that was added to the issue justĀ  by tobacco companies!

How much money was added by uninterested folks or the passive voters who voted for the ballot measure?

I don’t know and neither do you because it wasn’t much if anything at all.

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