California Tobacco Tax – Fight?

California is having another tax battle

by Roger Chartier
The $66,000,000 that tobacco companies spent in 2006 is a bit bigger than this years, $50,000,000 as far as fighting a tax on cigarettes is concerned.

This year the California proposition 29 is asking for an increase of a dollar a pack on cigs to help reduce smoking and to help to finance cancer research.

What will happen?

Time will tell about the vote. Most likely it will be decided by the time you read this but the point is that the suggested dollar a pack isn’t all that bad unless you are poor and really strung out on cigarettes.

Lance Armstrong

Is all for the tax. He doesn’t smoke as far as I can tell. I doubt that he would but the tax would bring a wonderful amount of money into the coffers for the less than wealthy cancer researchers.

What about the money?

That is a lot of money that could have gone to cancer research as is the plan for the money rather than to support tobacco products. The thinking here is a little warped, or is it just me?

How to deal with this

Well if you live in California you can vote either way on the deal but remember to vote against the tax. By the time you get to read this the vote might well have been determined but the point is still alive. Should we tax tobacco sales on a per-pack basis to fund cancer research as suggested?

At one point here when 5 percent of the rate is in on the vote, it is at 53%. I won’t tell you which way the vote is leaning as it doesn’t matter yet.
The point is that cancer from cigarettes is far worse than a dollar a pack… or is it?

Go vote

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