Emergency! America is in trouble!

Americans have a social problem folks

It is the budget deficit. There are those on the Democratic and GOP sides that prefer a radically extreme solution one way or the other to fix it.

The GOP would be happy with no new taxes

And cutting taxes for the rich. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But apparently despite the fact that the majority of Republicans are well below the level of income where they would benefit from this they are herded into the party with a carrot on a stick deal of support for religious beliefs or racist anti Obama rhetoric blindly ignoring the fact that the fat cats are taking them for a ride.

The Democrats want better social support

Such as education and healthcare benefits and don’t want anyone to threaten Medicare or especially social security for the future. These two issues alone would be to the great advantage of the majority of GOP folks who are in the middle and lower class income levels. They don’t even see that though.

Still on the Democrats side of the issue there could be a lot of spending cuts within the realm of waste and money leaving our country to support countries with populations that hate us anyway.
When you look at the whole picture you can see that the middle of the road would serve us well.

Health care as it is available in all civilized countries should be a given

Greed drives many of the GOP folks to essentially say ” I don’t care if you or your mother or your young child dies from lack of healthcare”.

The GOP followers need to see a better mental image of the folks that healthcare would benefit and that probably would be their elderly parents or themselves someday or now for that matter but they are blinded to the issue.
So now let me get to it

Here’s the general plan

  1. Raise taxes on the people who have far more than they need.
  2. Go after taxes from people whose net worth is greater than the total income of a large city.
  3. Cut wasteful government spending where we can
  4. Improve society as a whole and eliminate a lot of poverty driven crime by bringing up the lowest income groups with healthcare and basic jobs that serve the greater good such as road repair, cleaning up neighbor hoods of graffiti and filth and improving the image of America, which as an aside here would improve tourism,etc. This has been done before in this country during the depression after 1929.
  5. I am not alone in this thinking, as economists already have studied the whole mess and say specifically that a combination of higher taxes and lower spending is the straightest path to lower the federal budget deficit.

Who is with me on this

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