Fastest way to get your tax refund

Direct Deposit For Tax Refund

by Roger Chartier
Choose direct deposit and e-file and  you will get your refund faster than by mail.
This is a safer way as well because the mail sometimes gets sent back to the IRS as undeliverable. In the past it has been side tracked, lost or stolen. It is  is easy for someone to get into your mailbox and make off with your check.
You might have a lot of trouble getting it all straightened out.

Make sure that you follow the instructions when you file and be careful to put in the correct bank routing and account numbers.
So combine these two things, e-filing and direct deposit and you could get your refund in around 10 days. Not bad, considering that we often would wait over a month in the past.
If you are wondering “Where is my tax refund?”
The IRS can track it for you. Read about tax refund tracking on

You could save money and learn to do tax preparation yourself.

Deposit your tax return in multiple accounts

Use Form 8888 Allocation of Refund. Note: Some banks don’t allow joint refunds from a married couple to be deposited into one account. In my case I had to sign the check with the spouse also signing in front of the teller. That made the bank happy and facilitated getting our money in hand to go nuts buying televisions etc.


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