Should you file a tax return for last year?

To File or not to file? That is the question.

Consider the filing for 2013 tax. For those who don’t feel that they have to file a tax return maybe they should do it because you could be set up to get a refund if you do file, but you won’t get one if you don’t file.

About the Earned Income Tax Credit.

You could receive an Earned Income Tax Credit as a tax refund if you qualify. It can apply to people who worked and earned less than $51,567 last year?

Get $6,044.00

As a family that has qualified children you might be able to receive as much as $6,044.00.
Go to the site and use their EITC Assistant tool. That sweet device can tell you if you are qualified. If you are then file and get the money!

Do you have at least one child that qualifies for the “Additional Child Tax Credit”? some folks do not get the full credit amount. In that case they may qualify for the Additional Child Tax Credit. If you want to claim it you will have to file a Schedule 8812 which is a Child Tax Credit along with your tax return.

For students and their supporters

For students and those who support students there is an “American Opportunity Credit”. For the first four years of higher education you might qualify and get up to $2,500.00. If you file form 8863 which is an education credits form, then even if you do not owe a tax you might be eligible to get $1,000.

I like that amount of money! In fact I like any money that I get from the government. If you want more info on taxes see or the website

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