GOP tax strategy is destructive

by Roger Chartier:
WARNING I am on a tirade this morning.

Republican tax reformFat cat -

On top of it all…There are efforts being made to eliminate or drastically reduce most of the state and federal income taxes across the country now that the Republican party is in the majority.

The GOP are controlling the political agenda and it is moving forward. Their push for control of abortion rights, their tax cuts at the state and federal levels, anti-immigration policies and their stance against public-employee unions has increased. The wealthy control the GOP and the wealthy don’t like to pay taxes, so they use their wealth to support (buy) their political agenda.

Merger of religion and wealth

To the astute in the Democratic party this is a scary reality as the religious right wing and powerful wealthy have merged to support this direction. One group really doesn’t have anything to do with another but the religious are blind to that. Politicians are the worst hypocrites playing up to their easily led constituents.

I would suggest that the majority of political leaders are non-theists or agnostic… they do have to put on a show to get elected though.¬† No politician would have a chance with the masses if they were to say outright, ” I do not believe in a god”.

The religious are supporters of the GOP because quite often thrown into the mix of tax agendas that support only the wealthy there is mention of abortion rights that their pastor told them to support … and they do so without thinking of any consequences. Consequentially this is like the soft version of a religious zealot suicide bomber.
You lose in the end.

For some reason the people that make up the huge majority in this country are willing to be led by the guy with the right catch phrase and the big smile without really thinking about the consequences.

The consequences are dire. Unless you earn well over a $250,000 a year the GOP agenda is trying to kill you. Literally! Life and death issues like healthcare, abortion rights and the three essentials, food, clothing and shelter are all threatened.

The Great Divide and War

The wealthy do not support the programs for the middle class and poor that ultimately reduce crime against them but want it all for themselves.
Well, if they want to keep their ball and go home they won’t even have a game.

It could become  a war. Come to think of it, Occupy Wall street is just the beginning.

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