Grover (no new taxes) Norquist and the GOP

No Taxes?

by Roger Chartier
Grover Norquist

who is the president of Americans for Tax Reform works at his trade of the “no new taxes” reform like it is a religion.

There are 289 Republicans in the House and Senate and of them 276 are against and have signed a pledge opposing any tax increases.

Recently he had a meeting with some of them to remind them of what it means to have signed the pledge. Apparently he let’s them know that it means that if they go against the pledge they will risk the support that they have found from their brothers in the party and elsewhere.

The Democrats let go on him with a complaint that he is screwing up any deals that could be made with their political party on a lot of issues but mostly on taxes.

The “Norquist” essentially said that nothing of this is his fault and that he is not hurting the political party. He and his GOP pals were defending the pledge and he said that any problems in Washington that are blamed on the signed pledge were not his fault.

Mr. Norquist feels that his pledge that he forces so many GOP to sign will help America in the end by lowering tax from Obama government and letting Americans live the way that they want to.

The meeting came when some of the GOP are backing away from the pledge and stating that options need to be available to develop an agreement with the Democrats.

The whole bit about taxes is up in the air now and we will have to wait until the end of 2012 to begin to see any real change.

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