If you can wait until 2014 for health insurance

2014 brings us a new health insurance premium tax credit

There will be good news for families as well as individuals.
Starting in 2014 with a new premium tax credit that will help folks with the cost of healthcare that is bought through an Affordable Insurance Exchange.
The states and DC will have these.
It should alleviate the death rate for simple things that could have been prevented with health care and insurance.

Healthcare for everyone.

The nice thing is that if you don’t have to pay much tax in the first place, the credit is refundable. That is good news for people who would have gone without health insurance and care leaving them to suffer and/of die.

The government will make arrangements to help to pay health insurance premiums in advance.These affordable insurance exchanges will be offering people different choices of health plans that meet varying benefit and cost standards.

So far the whole deal sounds similar to the Massachusetts health care deal that works very well and is a shining example of how the country could make an attempt to keep up with health care standards set by most of the other countries in the civilized world.

Department of Health and Human Services

Will be running the show and administer the requirements for the Exchanges and the health plans offered.

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