Mitt’s tax returns!

George Romney

Who is Mitt’s dad released 12 years of tax returns previous to his running for presidential election back in the 1980’s.

It isn’t difficult. You just do it for the people who would vote for you.

If you think about tax returns and voting for a President it only makes total sense.
His own dad started the tradition and and he can’t or rather won’t follow it.

Our man Mitt

Is very wealthy with emphasis on the “very”.

He so far as we are told quit Bain capital although that is considered to be false by some who say that he was involved there up to 4 years later.

Never the less his tax returns can’t be used as an excuse connected to Bain Capital and any sort of “We can’t let you know what happened there policy.”

How can we vote for a man who will not tell us the truth about his financial connections? How can we trust a man who can not tell us about where his money goes and went?

The media already has found that his 2010 tax return has some tax compliance issues in connection with his tax strategies in past years.

He has so far planned to release his 2011 tax return in October.

I say why wait so long. You go into the filing cabinet and grab a hold of it. You ask your secretary to copy it several times (a morning task tops) or scan it and then send it out to the media. The End.

See it is really a simple tax test of our president. Oh and while you are at it do it for the past years as well back ten more or so.

If you have been honest with everyone then it will be a good thing for you to do. If you have been dishonest with folks then…hide your taxes.

After all if he is president he can see all of our tax returns so why can’t we see his?

This is a case of the 1% of the wealthy GOP sniveling around and being secretive. What about the other 49% of GOP folks in the USA.

Hey, GOP 49%, wake up already – smell the coffee and realize that you are being taken for a ride here.

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