More than 15.99 billion in taxes for California!

 More than 15.99 billion needed for California

Can you believe it! Well let’s call it $16 billion because it is somewhere in that vicinity anyway.
The past has brought us more than 99 tobacco tax increases for budget revenues in the USA.
California never passed one since the $0.87 cent cigarette tax fell from 3rd to 33rd place in the country where it is a new found changer banning smoking in restaurants, bars, and other public campaigns.

California’s Super majority!

It takes a super majority to pass the tax laws and California hasn’t got a strong enough one. Proposition #29 a tobacco tax headed for cancer and disease research would raise the $735 million in the first year.
What about a W9 form? or what about mileage allowance for drivers on business?

“Most other places have a simple majority, and I think a two-thirds majority is a hurdle even for something seemingly as popular as a tobacco tax.”

Jerry Brown Said …

Four months ago the California governor said that he could raise $3.5 billion dollars and today that isn’t happening.

He will unveil his newer budget and help to explain what other cuts will have to take place. There is a $2 billion above board spending situation happening now in California.

His very own comrades and the federal government have blocked his efforts.

More than a million jobs have foundered since the last 5 years have passed and he is still trying to figure out what to do about it.

He has problems with state sales levies and high income tax as it is.
Jerry can be seen on You Tube as of May 12, 2012:

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