PASSED! Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Congress passed the extension 293 to 132

by Roger Chartier
The senate followed suit with a vote of 60 to 36. The jobless benefits deal is also going to be extended as part of the package.

There are 242 Republicans in the House and 91 voted against.
In the Senate of the 47 Republicans 14 voted for it but with the majority of Dems it got by.

This act of bipartisanship and compromise was a difficult pill for the Republicans to swallow yet they knew for the most part that they would have appeared to be a bunch of heartless SOB’ if it didn’t pass.

It didn’t seem to bother theĀ  91 GOP members of Congress and the 33 Senate Republicans who voted against at the same time breaking ranks with John Boehner who had agreed to the compromise.

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