Pray to St. Patrick the slave trader

Was St. Patrick also a runaway tax collector?

Now here’s a new twist on dear old St. Patty.
New historical sources find that St. Patrick was a runaway tax collector from the Roman empire back in the 400’s. and introduced Christianity to the Emerald Isle in the year 432 CE.
As told by a researcher from the University of Cambridge he sold slaves to make his living.

Now there is some questionable behavior for a saint. At this point he sounds like he’s a real shithead.

“It was likely to be fiction”

said Dr. Roy Flechner, research fellow at Cambridge University’s Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (ASNC) about Patty’s high moral chasing of snakes and being kidnapped etc.

St Patty’s dad, Calpornius ( his mom was Conchessa) was based in Wales as a tax collector. Calpornius decided to bail out on the tax collector job and used a tax loophole (not a new idea) to become a religious clergyman as long as he passed the job on to his son because the job and responsibility was an inherited one. The religious tax dodge is still used today.

The patrician class of nobility had ruled Rome for a long time and the name “Patricius” means “noble of the patrician class”. That is where the name Patrick comes from.

Patty didn’t want the job of “Decurion” so he jumped ship to Ireland. The Roman empire was foundering and by 410 was failed.

Back then Pat said things in letters that were a crock of bull about being enslaved and kidnapped etc. At the time you could kill a slave if you wanted and it was unlikely that he could, as a slave traveled back and forth to England but as a slave trader, no problem.

A lot of the current info on Patty comes from documents known as his “Confessio”.

The dear old Catholic, holier than thou church were slaveholders back then.
Yes the Catholic Church held slaves, how moral of them.
Well in any event St Patrick bought slaves in England and brought them to Ireland to be sold. By the way, really now,  the whole snake thing is even more absurd.
So the celebrations continues…Hey barman, How about a pint of Guinness, Cheers

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