R. Kelly 5 million $ to the IRS?

5 Million $

Now that is a lot of money! The truth is that it is a bit less as it is $4.8 million.

Going back to 2005 for 6 of the years since he has been delinquent
He was in court for child porn charges in 2006 but after two years was aquitted.

He didn’t pay $1.12 million to the IRS in 2008.

Tax problem

This is an often occurring situtation for the wealthy and those who were wealthy.

They often get tied up in more complex financial deals than most other folks do and when the deals come together they get caught without the funds.

No tragedy for R. Kelly

Guys like R.Kelly often do fine in the end by planning with a new manager or a financial planner to get back into the game and get out of tax debt.

He did lose a house already to the J.P. Morgan for some 2.9 million in debt but I feel that he could pull off this deal if he pays attention and goes to work a bit more for the next couple of years.

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