Tax Filing Deadline

File your on or before April 17

We got a two day reprieve but time is running out.

  1. There are free tax filing service available through AARP for senior citizens.
  2. There is self filing with tax software

    check this link for tax filing software and efiling

  3. Online Tax help is a great idea to save time and money
  4. Local tax preparers are going to be drowning in work so if you have anything that will complicate your tax return best to get on the ball and make arrangements for tax preparations now. As of today there are 11 days left.

When will you get your tax refund?

Here is the IRS Tax Refund Chart for 2012.


The IRS sent out a notice that the schedule that they had first created for refunds has been held up and many returns are actually going out a few days later due to the computer algorithm that searches for identity theft scams causing a delay.

The good news is that for many people getting a refund is a happy day.

My wife can see us going out to Best Buy and getting that huge TV set.

I can see us taking a vacation on my Honda Goldwing motorcycle.

Let’s see who wins this one. –

File Taxes ASAP

You can’t get a refund if you don’t file.

If you haven’t filed yet you will get in trouble if you don’t hurry up

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