Tax Returns Hold Up

by Roger Chartier
The past few years people who efiled taxes got their tax refunds in about a week.

This year the IRS is having some difficulties and it is taking longer. They like to hope that you’ll get your money in at least 3 weeks but it isn’t always happening that way.
You can read about it by looking at the IRS’s own efile refund cycle chart on

The IRS’ official statement is this:

“As with the start of any tax season, there were system validations that occurred requiring some fine-tuning of our systems”. Identity theft software glitches might have been at the root of these slow up.

A lot of people are not happy and some are worried that their taxes are held up because an error or wore and they might be getting a knock on the door from the IRS but this is just a small glitch and for most folks …not to worry.

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  1. Mary, The past year has seemed so crazy and I haven’t had a lot of time to ralely go through the website, but I sat down tonight and looked through it and I REALLY like it! I think I’ve glanced a little before but it seems even more built up now. I do like the way it is set-up and I think it’s pretty user-friendly, which is great! I’m so glad that all of you wonderful ideas and resources are coming to life and use for anyone around the world! It’s very exciting! I also ralely like the templates and info. about planning a lesson and the basics on how to do it. I think that will be REALLY helpful for many teachers and those that are new to teaching. Great work so far!

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