Tax Sugar? The Debate Is On

Sugar and Soda Tax? – The Sugar Tax Debate

by Roger Chartier: 2/3/2012
The US government is considering taxing soda. They could raise $14,000,000,000.00 a year if they manage to pull it off.

The Journal “Nature” is trying to sell the idea of taxing sugar. They have made the claim that it is responsible for 35,000,000,000 deaths each year. Every age group, not just kids are less healthy. They’re getting fatter while consuming more sugar with out much physical activity.

Increase in consumption

Since after WW2 sugar consumption has dramatically increased. The results are obesity, increases in liver failure, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol and some say, altered hormones.
Researchers state that sugar is a toxin.They further propose that the government should put controls and taxes on it.

A Canadian report on sugar consumption

Claims that there should be a minimum age requirement of 17  to buy a soda. The report goes on to say that it should be controlled like alcohol. Canada is not alone in this thinking.

Sugar production

Currently global prices are around $23 per hundred pounds of sugar produced from points of origin but Malaysia just signed onto a long term deal at $26 a pound showing that there is no sign of government and scientific opinion hurting demand.

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One thought on “Tax Sugar? The Debate Is On

  1. I have personally had a fmaily member that was affected by aspartame usage. Diet soda contains aspartame which is a neuro-toxin. The toxicity effects of aspartame use can be:seizures and convulsionsdizzinesstremorsmigraines and severe headaches (Trigger or Cause From Chronic Intake)memory loss (common toxicity effects)slurring of speechconfusionnumbness or tingling of extremitieschronic fatiguedepressioninsomniairritabilitypanic attacks (common aspartame toxicity reaction)marked personality changesphobiasrapid heart beat, tachycardia (another frequent reaction)asthmachest painshypertension (high blood pressure)nausea or vomittingdiarrheaabdominal painswallowing painitchinghives / urticariaother allergic reactionsblood sugar control problems (e.g., hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia)menstrual cramps and other menstraul problems or changesimpotency and sexual problemsfood cravingsweight gainhair loss / baldness or thinning of hairburning urination other urination problemsexcessive thirst or excessive hungerbloating, edema (fluid retention)infection susceptibilityjoint painbrain cancer (Pre-approval studies in animals)deathAspartame use can also mimmick symptoms or worsens the following diseases:fibromyalgiaarthritismultiple sclerosis (MS)parkinson’s diseaselupusmultiple chemical sensitivities (MCS)diabetes and diabetic Complicationsepilepsyalzheimer’s diseasebirth defectschronic fatigue syndromelymphomalyme diseaseattention deficit disorder (ADD and ADHD)panic disorderdepression and other psychological disorders

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