The IRS owes some people $1billion

By Roger Chartier

If you didn’t file a tax return in 2008 you could be one of the people who the IRS owes money to.

More than half of them would be due at least or in excess of $637.00.

The IRS tells me that:
“Some people may not have filed because they had too little income to require filing a tax return even though they had taxes withheld from their wages or made quarterly estimated payments.”

So if you hadn’t filed according to the law in such a case you have a three year window to do it to claim the refund or else your dear Uncle Sam gets to keep it.

For 2008 returns you would have to file before April 17, 2012
If you didn’t file tax returns for 2009 and 2010 your check may be held.

In Massachusetts there were 23,900 individuals who didn’t file with a median return of  $699.00

California had 122,500 individuals who failed to file while Vermont only had 1,700 errant citizens.


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