USA could raise over $47,000,000,000.00 in 10 years

The Buffet Rule Tax Bill would raise that much money

by Roger Chartier
It is called “The Buffet Rule” bill S. 2059 and was proposed by the Joint Committee on Taxation. Of course people like GOP – pro wealthy Orrin Hatch are being naysayers.

Here is an idea of the mentality.
Orrin Hatch who has been part of political machine as Senator from Utah since 1977 said that the proposal “Is a dog that won’t hunt”.

Apparently that good ole boy is part of the Grover Norquist gang that will never vote for any tax hike for any purpose whatsoever.

The problem with the economy isn’t taking food, shelter and clothing away from people earning a million or more a year so why the fuss.

It is political. The deal with the GOP is to never agree with or do anything to help Obama’s ideas or plans even if people starve or die from lack of basic health care.

How does that sound to you? Are you a moral person? If you think you are then can you justify this blind pro-wealthy political foolishness, when the fact is the large majority of Americans are living in the lower and lower middle class of income.

Maybe you are clear headed about this so my tirade here is not meant for you but for those who would cripple this country. How can a country run when there is a blockade on progress at every turn. Partisan politics are killing us and in the end nobody wins.

This tax would be a minimum rate tax for those with an adjusted gross income of a million dollars and it would adjust up to $2 million a year with deductions available for charities. Charitable deductions have to be 501(c)(3) qualified.

There are people who need food stamps to survive when there are others who are millionaires and billionaires and say “Screw them I got mine”.

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2 thoughts on “USA could raise over $47,000,000,000.00 in 10 years

  1. . (They’re politicians, so it prablboy doesn’t matter what they said anyway.)That was in March 1978 — 32 years and two months ago.For Sen. Hatch to say that he is not part of Washington takes real chutzpah. The only way he could be more a part of Washington than he is now would be for him to become a permanent display, like Lenin in Moscow.Speaking of three-term Sen. Frank Moss in 1976, Hatch said, What do you call a senator that has been in Washington for three terms? You call him home! Given that Sen. Hatch will soon have doubled Sen. Moss’ tenure in Washington, I can only assume that a double dose of his own 1976 medicine will be good for him — and for us. The good senator should read the writing on the wall and get out while the getting is good, lest he end his career on a less positive note. (see: Bennett, Robert)

  2. Mortensen is so fanatical that he caonnt even win a primary for state rep in one of the most conservative states in the nation. He does not care about the undocumented. He is always coming up with a new group to try to legitimize his hatred of the undocumented. Last year it was a group that was called “Citizens for Taxfairness”-pay attention to the word “FAIR” used in the name because Mortensen used the group primarily to attack the undocumented for, what he claimed, not paying taxes. It was really an anti-immigrant group. Mortensen was the senior policy analyst for the Sutherland Institute, an ultra-conservative think tank that is currently lobbying against the efforts to give Gays some common sense rights like the right to insure their partner; the right not to get fired for being Gay (this is Utah); Fair Housing-Gays can be evicted just for being gay in Utah;the right to sue for wrongful death of your partner and equitable inheritance laws. Mortensen is cut of a mean spirited cloth.

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